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Beverly Hills offers luxury and sophistication in one of the city’s most luxurious neighborhoods.

Who’s never heard of¬†Beverly Hills? The ¬†streets are exposed to the world through Hollywood movies; There is always a celebrity shopping on Rodeo Drive in the magazines; and if even artists have written songs about it, it is nearly impossible to find someone who has not heard this name! Beverly Hills is probably the most well-known neighborhood in the city for these and other reasons.

Things to do in Beverly Hills

The Tongva, the region’s natives, were drawn here by the area’s predominant streams, which they named Rancho de las Aguas, and came to regard it as a sacred region. Later, European settlers arrived, occupied the land, and wiped out a large portion of the indigenous population.

They began to build adobe ranches and used the vast land for crops and livestock. In 1900, a group of successful businessmen decided to settle in this area, which they named Beverly Hills, and from there they began to build the city’s first streets, including one of the most well-known today, Rodeo Drive.

In 1912, the Beverly Hills Hotel was built as the next step. This event drew hundreds of artists, who were enchanted by the city and decided to settle there, resulting in the construction of magnificent mansions. Pickfair, a residence built on a 22-hectare lot with 42 rooms spread across four floors, was the most striking of all. This house was the first in Los Angeles to have its own swimming pool and was home to silent film stars Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford.

Beverly Hills became synonymous with glitz and glam from that point forward. Every day, numerous parties were held in the dazzling mansions, attracting millionaires from around the world to come and experience the luxurious atmosphere that still characterizes Beverly Hills.

Where should you go?

Rodeo Drive: more than 100 luxury commercial establishments spread across three blocks of this road. This exclusive sector includes the most well-known fashion houses, renowned jewelry stores, prestigious galleries, restaurants, and hotels. It is recommended to walk through its streets because of their short length and to appreciate the sophistication of each of its premises in detail.

Greystone Mansion: This was the home of Edward Laurence Doheny Jr., the son of a well-known oil magnate. This mansion, built in the purest English style of the nineteenth century, is now a filming location for numerous movies as well as a venue for socio-cultural events. Tours of the interior and the extensive gardens last about one and a half hours and must be reserved in advance. The residence’s green areas and parking are both free of charge.

Caon Drive: This is the restaurant district, adjacent to the famous Rodeo Drive. There’s a good chance you’ll be seated next to a celebrity while enjoying a good meal.

Robinson Gardens: From 1911 until 1977, when Virginia Robinson died, this mansion was the home of Harry and Virginia Robinson. It was inherited by the city and is now open to the public, with tours of the interior of the house and the beautiful gardens that surround it available from Tuesday to Friday. Reservations are required in advance.

Walden Drive: One of the streets where many television and film sequences are shot. This street is known for its picturesque mansions, including the “Witch’s House” or “Casa de la Bruja” (Witch’s House).

Trolley tour: These appealing vehicles take us on a 40-minute tour of Beverly Hills’ strategic points. The first tour begins at 11 a.m., and the final tour concludes at 4 p.m.

Keep the following in mind:

– Don’t miss out on visiting the city’s iconic hotels, such as the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and the Peninsula.

– There are parking lots in the area that offer free parking for the first two hours. Check out this map to find out where they are.

– Beverly Hills has a plethora of parks. If you are looking for green spaces, beautiful gardens, or simply a quiet place to relax, you will find it here.

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