Hollywood: the Mecca of cinema in Los Angeles


Hollywood – the film industry’s Mecca in Los Angeles.

Hollywood Boulevard is one of the city’s main tourist areas, known for hosting the “Walk of Fame” and gathering most of the city’s tourist attractions around it.

Every year, thousands of tourists visit this area in the hopes of meeting a movie star by chance or simply seeing the name of their favorite star written on the ground while walking along the famous Walk of Fame.

A photo with the famous white sign behind it is a must on any trip to Los Angeles, and dining in one of the restaurants frequented by legendary movie stars is an experience.

History of Hollywood

In the past, this was a small city next to Los Angeles, and by the twentieth century, it had become part of the municipality of Los Angeles. The street we know today as “the walk of fame” was formerly known as Prospect Avenue, and it was renamed when Hollywood became a part of the city.

The big film production companies began to arrive in the United States in 1910 and decided to establish their headquarters in Hollywood; the city grew quickly and now houses film production companies such as Paramount, Columbia, Warner Bros, Motion Pictures Patents Company, and others.

The first star was placed on the Walk of Fame in 1960, and during the 1980s, the street gained a bad reputation due to crime and prostitution that spread through the area. However, after the construction of the mall and the Dolby theater, the street was rehabilitated and is now one of the city’s main focuses.

The Walk of Fame

This Hollywood Boulevard is well-known throughout the world as the location where the great stars of Hollywood leave their imprints; there are over 2000 stars spread across 15 blocks, so if you’re looking for a name, you’ll have to look for a while.

The pink stars have the star’s name and this is who decides which footprint to put; there you will find the names of actors, singers, cartoons, and even the president of the United States, who is considered a celebrity.

The Hollywood Sign

This legendary sign is the most iconic thing that this city has; it was installed in 1923 and can be seen almost from anywhere in the city; it serves as the starting point for almost all guided tours in the city and is the location where the most photographs are taken in Hollywood.

It stands 14 meters tall and is made up of the word “HOLLYWOOD” in white capital letters. It was constructed in 1923 as part of an advertising campaign.

The Chinese Theater at Grauman’s

This theater is one of the city’s symbols; famous films such as “Star Wars” have premiered there, and it is one of the most famous movie theaters in the world, with the autographs, handprints, and footprints of over 200 movie stars on the outside.

It was built in 1927 and now hosts Hollywood movie premieres.

Hollywood and Highland Boulevards

This well-known shopping center was recently renovated and features a variety of stores, restaurants, bowling alleys, movie theaters, nightclubs, and red carpet events. A visit to this location is a must if you are interested in the world of fashion and celebrities.

The Hollywood Bowl

This open-air amphitheater is a must-see in Hollywood, where some of the most famous singers of recent times have performed, and where you can also organize a picnic with the whole family.

Hollywood Historical Society Museum

This museum contains a large collection of objects from Hollywood films, including dresses, jewelry, props, and movie sets.

Forever Hollywood Cemetery

This famous cemetery contains the tombstones of famous movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe; additionally, during the summer season, there are open-air horror movies at night, providing a different way to have fun.

Hollywood’s Universal Studios

This recording studio and theme park is one of the most fun places to visit in all of Los Angeles. The studio is still in operation and has added an amusement park famous for taking you behind the scenes of favorite movies and television shows such as “The Walking Dead.”

The mechanical attractions are also among the best, and something that draws many tourists each year is the area dedicated to the Harry Potter saga, where you can visit Howarts and have a butterbeer, a must-see for movie fans.

Runyon Canyon State Park

This famous 65-hectare park has hiking trails that you can visit; the hike is not too long, and the scenery from the top is spectacular. It has three trails of varying difficulty: Run Canyon Road, Star Trail, and Hero Trail.

Building of the Capitol Records

This massive 13-story futuristic structure is one of the city’s most important landmarks, with a light at the highest point spelling out the word Hollywood in Morse code, a mural at the south end of the building, and the stars of John Lennon and Garth Brook near the main entrance.

Sunset Boulevard

This West Hollywood, California, strip has several major stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and a colorful atmosphere with large signs.

This area comes alive in the evenings with neon light shows, car caravans, and throngs of tourists.

You can’t help but admire each of the handmade signs that adorn the place; they’re so original and one-of-a-kind that a luxury car brand paid $30,000 for one of them.

While strolling down the strip, stop by The Laugh Factory comedy club, The Liberty nightclub, Cajun Bistro, and Saddle Ranch Chop House.

Tours of Hollywood

Tours of Hollywood’s most famous landmarks are also popular. Other tours include guided walking or bus tours of Hollywood’s many theaters and cinemas, to see the stars’ spectacular mansions, exclusive neighborhoods, and more.

Griffith Space Telescope

This observatory is a must-see if you’re in Los Angeles; admission is free, and it has a planetarium with powerful telescopes, great exhibits, and live shows for the entire family to enjoy.

Furthermore, admission is free, and the prices of the shows are very reasonable.

As you can see, this city is one of the most entertaining and has more things to see and do in Los Angeles County, so you should not miss it. It is also very safe, and staying in that area will save you money on transportation because you can walk to all of the attractions.

If you want to unwind and enjoy the sun, scenery, and waves of the Pacific, we recommend visiting the beaches of Los Angeles.

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