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Everything in Santa Monica is fun, as evidenced by the Santa Monica Pier, the legendary pier on stilts overlooking the Pacific Ocean, but if that wasn’t enough, in 1996 Pacifik Park opened its doors, a leisure and amusement park with a total of twelve attractions so incredibly spectacular that it has served as scenery in over 500 films and television shows such as Iron Man 2, Hannah Monatana, Modern Family, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, or American Idol. As a result, it’s a must-see during your stay in Santa Monica.

Pacific Park is the only amusement park installed on a pier on the entire West Coast of the United States, and is located directly on the Santa Monica Pier overlooking the Pacific Ocean in front of Catalina Island, at 380 Santa Monica Pier, next to the historic Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome.

Pacific Park amusement park was born as a proposal for the recovery of the Newcomb Pier area, an area that had been destined for leisure for decades, in fact it was known as Pleasure Pier, here already in the distant 1916 Charles ID Looff, after building the first carussel, Carrussel Looff, extends the area with two more pillars that give rise to a total area of about 8000 m2 where he gives life to his Pleasure Pier project with a wooden roller coaster All of these worked very well in the 1920s until the Great Depression of the 1930s caused them to fall into disrepair.

The big wooden roller coaster was sold to the now-defunct Wonderland of San Diego, the rest of the attractions closed, and the Pleasure Pier became a docking pier for the Ferry until the abandonment forced the city council to demolish that section of the port, which is when the Pier Restoration Corporation proposed recovery, which at first opened with some attractions, nightclubs, and restaurants until 1996, when ERP Properties made it Pacific Park.

What to See and Do in Pacific Park

The difference between this amusement park and others in its category is that it is an open park with free admission, which means you do not have to pay an entrance fee. You can walk around, eat at the restaurants and street food stands, and shop at the stalls.

It is similar to a dead square fair with the option of saving money by purchasing bracelets that allow you to enjoy all of the attractions for a day at a lower cost than they would cost individually at the box office, where the price per ride varies depending on the attraction between $ 5-10, whereas by purchasing the bracelet, you can go on all of the devices as many times as you want in the day for $ 29.65 for those over the age of 8 and $ 16.15 for children under the age of 7. The park is open daily from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Some of the park’s most notable attractions include: the massive panoramic Pacific Wheel, which has become a sort of city symbol, the only one in the world powered by solar panels, with 20 cars and 40 meters high above the pier that offers the best views not only of the city, but of the Ocean; and the also iconic roller coaster West Coaster, which runs at dizzying speeds throughout the park.

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