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Discover the film sets where some of history’s best films have been shot.

Do you want to experience what it’s like to be a member of a super-film production’s crew? This will undoubtedly be the closest experience to experiencing everything that happens on a film set firsthand. In addition, you will be able to see incredible exhibits from DC Universe, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, and Legends of Tomorrow, as well as mythical series such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles, don’t miss out on the incredible Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. Without a doubt, you will experience the world of film and television in your own flesh, learning about the filming locations and all of the material used, and even visiting the recording and sound studios!

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is precisely located at 3400 Warner Blvd Burbank, a small city in our beloved Los Angeles County. Taking a tour of this studio will allow you to see the areas where the best movies, series, and well-known programs from American television have been recorded.

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll also see the sets, costumes, accessories, and decorative elements used to record, as well as the image and sound studios, and so on.

To get to the Warner Bros. Studio, you can rent a car in Los Angeles or take a cab or Uber, which is very inexpensive (about $20 from Downtown Los Angeles or $32 from Santa Monica Pier).

On the way back, you can also order a cab, which will pick you up at the Warner Bros. Studio cafeteria.

Different Studios Tour in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Los Angeles is known as the “City of Stars.” Thousands of films and television shows that have accompanied us throughout our lives have been shot here. That is why, if you visit Hollywood, you will be able to visit thousands of locations that will ring a bell from having seen them behind the camera a thousand and one times.

You can visit more than four studios in this city: Paramount Studios, Universal Studios theme park, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros Studios. Each one has a distinct essence and is spectacular. Some are more like amusement parks, while others are more like museums. Here we will discuss Warner Bros Studios in order to reveal everything that is hidden behind the curtain of this wonderful place that has provided us with so many memorable TV moments.

What to do at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Hollywood

Prepare for the best adventure of your life because you will have a great time at the Warner Bros Studio. At Warner Bros., you can see all of the sets, sound studios, and even the homes of the most famous characters, including the Bat-cave and Batman’s cars, as well as recreated scenes from Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts.

You will be amazed wherever you go because no tour route is unrelated to another. They are all different and one-of-a-kind, and there are new exhibits every day of the week, such as the DC Universe, among others.

The tour guides explain each location in detail, including its history, hidden secrets and curiosities, and the best moments from films and television shows such as Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Casablanca, and La La Land.

Choosing the Best Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Los Angeles

There are various tours available at Warner Bros. Park Los Angeles; we’ve listed them all here so you can pick the one that appeals to you the most, though they’re all incredible.

Tour of the Studio

You can go behind the scenes of shows like The Big Bang Theory and visit the sets, recording and sound studios. You can also see Batman’s Bat-cave and his cars, Aqua-man’s, Wonder Woman’s, and Harry Potter’s costumes, as well as the Fantastic Animals, and fly over Hogwarts in the Nimbus 3000.

You can also watch the best Friends scenes in the renowned Central Perk, pretend to drive the Bat-pod in Gotham, and visit The Wizarding World through the camera.

Classics Made in America Tour

This tour transports you to the Golden Age of Hollywood, where you can see the sets and costumes worn by Joan Crawford, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, and Bette Davis in the films Rebel Without a Cause, Casablanca, and My Fair Lady. You will also hear and learn stories from Hollywood’s golden age.

The Deluxe Tour

This tour requires you to be a big fan or to be well prepared because it lasts no less than five hours. This tour combines the Studio Tour with a look at the wardrobe and props departments.

Because it is quite long, it is best to arrive early and have a drink in the Deluxe Tour Lounge, which takes care of every detail and has a private room where they project content. If you want to meet a celebrity or a producer, we recommend going to the Commissary Fine Dining Room for lunch.

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

The Studio Tour lasts approximately two and a half hours and is accompanied by a guide who will reveal all of the history, secrets, and best moments of each place and time.

There is a section done on buggies where you can see inside and outside recording studios (not all, just some), wardrobe and props departments, and film sets.
Hennesy Avenue

Tenement Street, as it was originally known, is a film set that recreates some of New York’s streets. The reason is simple: scenes from famous movies such as Annie and Spider-man have been filmed on this land; remember the kiss in the rain that he gives Mary Jane? It was, after all, here. Many scenes from Friends, Sex and the City, and Gilmore Girls have also been shot here.

New York Avenue

It is the most well-known and well-known set that recreates New York. Argo, as well as Shameless and Friends, have been filmed here. Everything it encompasses, including its structure, buildings, streets, and hotels (including Broadway), is so distinctive that it retains an essence worthy of Hollywood stars.

The street is still growing to this day, and it already has representation from Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and London.

Midwest Avenue

This is where you will spend the most time to see it all because it is almost like a small town in the United States, with everything! Structures, shops, a church, hotels, parks, and cafes… Rebel Without a Cause, Pretty Little Liars, Gremlins, and Gilmore Girls have all been filmed here.
Warner Bros. Studios

This is one of the most recent sets, and it depicts the details of a typical English neighborhood. Two and a Half Men, Gilmore Girls, Joey, and The Big Bang Theory have all been filmed here.

The Wilderness

This is a jungle, as the name implies, and scenes have been shot here to represent tropical African settings, Vietnamese beaches, or Japanese gardens. Camelot, The Goonies, and Million Dollar Baby were all filmed here, as well as episodes of Little Liars and The Mentalist.

Only the exterior is visible, and this set is probably the most famous for being North America’s largest recording studio. Films like the well-known The Perfect Storm were shot here.

How to Get to the Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank

To get to Warner Bros Park in California, fly into Los Angeles (LAX) and then take a cab, Uber, or rent a car from there. From LAX, it takes about 40 minutes to get there.

If you bring your own car or rent one, you can park it in the Studio parking lot for about $10 for the entire day. You can also park outside the grounds, but it is usually quite difficult due to the high volume of visitors.

Another option is to take public transportation from the airport, but the journey will be longer, possibly lasting an hour and a half. Even so, if you don’t mind the extra time, you can take Metro Local’s Metro line 222. You must alight at the 36495 Hollywood Way/Riverside Drive stop and walk to the Studio Plaza address, 3400 Warner Blvd Burbank, CA 91505. You will arrive at the Welcome Center for the Studio Tour.
Ticket Prices for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Los Angeles

You are already aware that there are various types of tours, each with a different price. They are also classified according to language. The Spanish tour has two shifts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and costs $62.

The best thing to do is to buy tickets online and in advance, as this ensures a specific number of tickets (if you go in a group) and is usually less expensive.


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