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Going to The Grove in Los Angeles

Are you drawn to places that exude magic and charm for the sake of it? Then we recommend, and we recommend again, that you go to The Grove, a Los Angeles open-air shopping complex that looks like a neighborhood in and of itself.

The complex has a well-deserved good reputation and is one of the best places in Los Angeles to enjoy the best shopping, food, and views. We know The Grove has piqued your interest, and rightly so.

Considering a visit to The Grove

The Grove is a shopping center in Los Angeles owned by Rick J. Caruso of Caruso Affiliated. It first opened its doors in 2002 and is located on Road Drive, presenting itself as one of the city’s best shopping areas.

The complex was built in a former agricultural area, which also houses the famous Farmer’s Market, a large permanent world food fair. The typical American trolley, which are old streetcars converted into buses, connects these two commercial points. They are, in fact, refurbished trolleys from the 1950s that run through all of the major streets. We recommend that you go up at least once in one of them.

The Grove is an open-air mall that changes its decor depending on the holiday. When you walk through The Grove, you get the impression that you’ve stepped back in time to the mid-twentieth century, thanks to the design of the stores, which is reminiscent of old houses from that era. Furthermore, the large avenues with small squares lend a unique charm to the area.

As a result, even if the visitor does not wish to shop, it is worthwhile to stroll through The Grove and imagine what America was like in the Roaring Twenties. The center is home to a plethora of name-brand stores as well as an infinite number of restaurants of all types. With 18 theaters, The Grove is also L.A.’s largest movie theater complex.

Things to do in The Grove?

The large fountain that presides over this majestic plaza is its most notable feature. The fountain, which is located in front of the theater, has become a focal point of the mall, as it provides constant shows that combine the movement of water with music. This fountain was created by WET Design, the same company that created the fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, hence the striking resemblance. The pond uses 50,000 liters of water every two hours, which is recycled.

The sculpture The Spirit of Los Angeles, which represents the city of Angels as a place of dreams and opportunities, can also be found in this square.

The Grove is a popular place in Los Angeles to celebrate Christmas. Every year, its residents flock to the large central square to see the impressive Christmas tree surrounded by fake snow. If your trip falls on these dates, don’t miss out on a visit to the mythical center The Grove. For a brief moment, the decorations, lights, and Christmas decorations in the center next to the tree will make you re-imagine the ho ho how! that you heard the night before the gifts. The first day they turn on the Christmas lights is the most spectacular, as it heralds the start of the holiday season for the entire city.


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