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Zuma Beach, located in Malibu, west of Los Angeles, is one of the city’s largest and most popular beaches. Zuma is well-known for its long white sand beach, crystal clear waters, and great waves, making it ideal for surfing.

Zuma Beach is a public beach in Malibu, California. It is one of Los Angeles’s longest and most popular beaches, especially for its long stretch of sand and for being an ideal surfing spot. Because of its excellent crystal clear waters, it is frequently included on lists of the best beaches in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County Fire Department protects Zuma Beach with fourteen towers along the sandy shoreline and offices in the center of the beach.

There are many currents depending on where you go on this beach, as there are on all beaches that are good for surfing, so if you want to swim, you must be cautious.

Visitors to Zuma Beach are advised not to surf or swim between towers eight and nine, which are particularly vulnerable to these currents. Despite these currents, Zuma Beach hosts a number of surfing competitions each year.

With ideal wind conditions and at sunset, Zuma Beach attracts many fans of the water sport known as kitesurfing, with the northern part of the beach being the ideal spot. If we travel by car, there are plenty of parking spaces available, the majority of which are free.

Some of the services and activities available at this beach include, as previously mentioned, facilities for surfing, windsurfing, and similar sports, lifeguards (from the fire department) during daylight hours, fishing areas, diving areas, volleyball courts, toilets, external showers with cold water, parking, wheelchair access routes, and stalls to purchase food and drinks, though their availability varies depending on the season.

In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or an earthquake, Zuma Beach is a designated evacuation area where people can be sent. It serves as an ideal and safe place to stay until the danger passes, thanks to its very flat terrain, wide and open parking lots, and many miles of sand.

Zuma Beach has also been a popular filming location due to its proximity to the television and film industries. Some of the most well-known series filmed at Zuma Beach include “The baywatch,” as well as other series, commercials, and so on. In fact, the final scene of the movie “Planet of the Apes” was shot very close to this beach.

In addition it is not usually as crowded as other beaches, has showers, and a large parking lot, so parking is not a problem. The daily rate is US$ 8 (7.30 €).


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